Artist's Statement

From the beginning of my career as an artist I have enjoyed portraying humans and animals interacting in gentle cooperation. Through both painting and sculpture I have been able to represent my emotional attachments to the animal kingdom by intertwining animals into human situations. My works demonstrate that humans and animals can have intricate social relationships. Living in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson I have daily “relationships “ with everything from rattlesnakes, to javelinas, bobcats, cottontails and every now and then a gentle tarantula. Intertwining the roughness of this desert with the innocence of childhood is challenging and thrilling to me. Many of my recent pieces address the social and cultural controversy surrounding creationism and evolution. Intrigued by the modern world of molecular cloning and the concept of reconstructing existing and extinct animals has afforded limitless ideas rich in imagery. Could hybrids exist in the future that would blend the best of the human and animal kingdom/? My work aspires to be thoughtful and deep, but always tends to have a humorous layer. Many of the pieces references imagery found in art historical works from ancient cultures to the present.

Dana Ann Smith

Tucson, AZ

Art Exhibitions

November, 2017 - Call to Artists: TPAC - Tucson, AZ
Accepted into juried show at Pioneer hotel, 3 paintings.

July 2010 - “ Made in Tucson/Born in Tucson/Live in Tucson -  Tucson, AZ
Accepted by juried show to exhibit “ Darwin’s Dream”

March 2006 - “9th International Open Womanmade” - Chicago,IL
Accepted by the juried international show to exhibit “Flight of the Ammonite Women”. March 3-30.

January 2006 - “MOCA January Auction” -  Tucson,AZ
Exhibited one large ceramic vessel and one cast bronze piece (sold).

October 2005 - “Dinnerware Annual Art Auction” - Tucson,AZ
Exhibited two bronze cast pieces as part of a community fund raiser.

Mach 2005  - “Spanish Village Arizona Student Sculpture Competition” Carefree,AZ
Awarded Best Works in Ceramics and Best Sculpture under 36 inches.

April 2005 - “The Third Dimension” - Tucson,AZ
Juried three dimensional art exhibition held at the Drawing Studio. Two large figurative ceramic pieces.

March 2005 - “Senior Exhibition 2005” - Tucson, AZ
Selected senior art work: I exhibited two large ceramic “Elephant Women.” One of which was displayed in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

August 2004 - “Pathways Taken” - Tucson, AZ
Four artist exhibition of mixed media including sculpture, and oil paintings at a private residence.

April 2003 - “Celebrating Spring Show” - Tucson, AZ
Won the “Best In Show” for a 3 dimensional, carved, wooden bird house at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

March 2003 - “ Ponies del Pueblo” - Tucson, AZ
Commissioned by Casino del Sol to create the “Magic of Knowledge” pony, which was one of the 50 Tucson ponies.

August 2002 - GOCAIA Exhibition - Tucson, AZ
Four artist exhibition, eight large multi-media pieces exhibited.

March 2002 - “El Fuerte de Arte” - Tucson, AZ
Invitation to feature twenty pieces of my work and create a piece inspired by the Ft. Lowell Historic District.

April 2001 - GOCAIA Exhibition - Tucson, AZ
One multi-media piece “Salsa Picante!” accepted.

August 2000 - “Tucson Norteno Festival” - Tucson, AZ
Exhibited two multi-media pieces of my work. Awarded second place for “Salsa Picante!”

March-May 2000 - University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Annual Juried Student Art Competition, “Girls love Dogs……..” piece accepted.

May-July 1999 - Steven Eye “Datura Studio” - Tucson, AZ
Submitted works for the three month show for the theme of the “Goddess”.

June-July 1999 - “EI Centro Cultural de las Americas” - Tucson, AZ
One woman exhibition of thirty five works including sculpture, oil paintings, wood prints and mixed media. Eleven works sold.


December 2005 - University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Bachelor of Fine Art Combined media

May 1984 - University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Primary Care

May 1983 - University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Master of Science

May 1980 - Texas Christian University - Ft. Worth, TX
Bachelor of Science.